New Photos Up! 

Hey all.  We just got some new photos up done by our good buddy Ken Lapworth from our show at The Comet in Seattle this last weekend.  Go to the photo page to check them out!

T. Grace Rocks The Blue Moon Seattle 

Hey all.  Just to let you know we will be back at The Blue Moon in the U district of Seattle, Saturday June 23rd.  It is one of our favorite places to play in Seattle so we hope you all will join us!  You guys are rad.  Thanks so much for your ongoing support.

-T. grace

T. Grace Rocks The Brick 

Hey all. Just a little reminder that we will be at The Brick in Roslyn tonight(5/19) at 9:00PM. The Brick shows are always a blast some come out and rock with us if you're in the area.

Track 3 Problems On The New Album 

Hey all.  We have recently become aware that a number of the new albums we just got in had a manufacturing issue and skip during a part of track 3.  If you bought an album and are having this issue, you can download the track for free through our music store and don't hesitate to contact us at and we can get you a new one.  Thanks!



Hi all.  Sorry about the old site being down for so long.  We had tried for a long time to fix it but were eventually unsuccessful so while the oppresive forces of Russian internet hackers tried to keep us down, we rose like a pheonix and built a new, bigger, better website instead!  We're still getting parts of it put together so it will become more robust as time goes on, but for now have a look around!  Also remeber that you can download our brand new album on our Music Store page. 


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